Before & After of Arm Fat - Sarah Story

“I had recently had my under arms done with spire aesthetics I really struggle with my under arm fat and saggy skin this is my results after 3 appointments I am really pleased with the results and now I am more confident with knowing the fat is now gone which I am now outside more showing my arms not trying to cover them, thank you spire aesthetics.”

What is Cryolipolysis? Thame

Cryolipolysis is one of the leading weight loss trends in the cosmetic industry. It is a safe and non-invasive process that is available for both women and men. Cryolipolysis or fat freezing entails the non-invasive cooling of body fat to rupture fat cells leading to a reduction in body fat without any effects on other cells. The results are expected to be seen after a few months.

Chest Area - Andrew Story

“I have been trying to go to the gym and being on diets but haven’t been seeing any major improvements in the time I was doing this, so I decided to find an alternative for me to lose weight, which this is when I found out I could have fat freezing on my stomach and chest to sort out the fat problem, which the results were good it had made it easier to lose the weight with the treatment and still going to the gym regularly and being on diets improving my muscle. Thank you to Spire Aesthetics.”

Why Is Cryolipolysis Better Than Dieting and Exercising? Thame

Most people use dieting and exercising for weight loss. Exercising and dieting are good, but fat cells are still present and can increase in size in the case of a lifestyle change. Our fat freezing procedure gets rid of excess fat cells naturally through the body, and the weight loss results can be some after some time.

Besides, not everybody can be consistent with dieting and exercising, but fat freezing is a procedure we can all take. At Spire Aesthetics, we want all our customers to feel confident about their bodies, and we will do our best to make you happy about your before and after the fat freezing procedure.

Most of our patients have gone on to change their lifestyles after the procedure completely. This is because they feel good about their new bodies, and want to maintain that for the rest of their lives. Our fat freezing procedure is open for anyone, regardless of your shape and size. Unlike dieting and exercising, which are a journey, our fat freezing is a process that ends up in weight loss after a short period.

Spire Aesthetics has highly skilled and reliable professionals who warmly welcome all customers and create a plan that will perfectly cater for their needs and desires. Everyone has different expectations, and that is why our services are specific to each individual. We take care of all the stubborn body fats that have refused to disappear after a series of workouts and diets.

Full Face Treatment - Rachael Story

“I have recently had a full face treatment as I was wanting to get rid of excess fat around my face as this was putting me off from going outside, spire aesthetics was there to help me with having the treatment as I was not wanting to have surgery on my face, so when I heard about the procedure I couldn’t help myself from checking it out and going through with it. I am pleased to say that the treatment was successful and makes me feel much younger even when I am in my 30s. Thank you Spire aesthetics.”

How Cryolipolysis Works and the Results Thame

Spire Aesthetics fully understands the need for our customers to feel good after weight loss without the terrifying recovery period. Besides, we know that our clients want their weight loss results to be quick, painless, and pocket-friendly, hence we offer exactly that in our fat freezing procedures.

Our Cryolipolysis procedure works by focusing on specific areas of the body, mostly the arms and the waist being the most common parts. The particular part or parts of the body are then held between two electronic machines which are cooled up to a minus degree to aid in the crystallization of the fat cells. We have different sized machines for different body parts, but they all work the same.

Our procedure freezes a certain pert for less than an hour resulting in 20 per cent body fat elimination. The process can be carried out a number of times to achieve the desired look, and given that it is painless, our patients find themselves using it for other parts to give the best results.

Excess Fat - Chloe Story

“I have always struggled with excess fat and wrinkles around my face I have never considered surgery as an option. The recovery time, bruises and risks associated with surgery really put me off sorting my problem out I found aspire aesthetics on Facebook they really helped me understand what I needed and was really informative about the treatment this is my face two treatments later after a full face hifu treatment. Very pleased with the outcome, thank you aspire aesthetics.”

Ways to Take Care of Body Fat after Fat Freezing

Some people are always not aware of what to do after the fat freezing procedure. The process is still going on in your body, and the ruptured fat cells in your body need to be flushed out of your body system. Below are things you can do to help flush out the unwanted fat cells to quicken your weight loss journey.

Take water and always stay hydrated

In the next couple of months after the procedure, your body is continually flushing out fat cells. Drinking water regularly helps to fasten the process. The fat cells will be washed out through the natural openings of the body, either through sweating or urinating.

Practise healthy eating

It is not a way of removing fat cells from the body, but it helps indirectly. Healthy eating is right for your body, and it helps the metabolic processes of your body to quicken the flushing process.

Rest more

Rest should be an essential part of your lifestyle after the fat freezing procedure. Sometimes people who are sleep deprived have a chance of getting fat. Lack of enough sleep results in an abnormality in your body hormones, causing an appetite for food. Active eating will lead to weight gain, and you do not want that. Get enough rest when you can after Cryolipolysis.

Consider morning jogs

The fat freezing process does not need recovery time. While your body is flushing out fat cells, you should look at embracing fitness practices. Morning jogs are good exercise, and they will assist your body in the development of lean muscles as well as getting rid of the fat cells through sweating.

Take part in sports

You should consider taking a sport you can play comfortably to help in the flushing out of fat cells. When playing, your body id in constant motion, thus burning fats and calories. Besides, sweating a lot will aid in the fat cell flushing at a faster rate.

Consider going to the Gym

The gym is an excellent place to sweat and become fit. You can find out exercises that will make your body active, sweat, and flush out the fat cells. Gyming will help you take care of your body physically as well as fastening the weight loss process after fat freezing, which brings killing two birds with the same stone into perspective.

Check your progress

It is good to always check your progress either through taking photos or noting down on a journal. Monitoring the weight loss process will help you note the progress, and in case of any issue, you can have it addressed early enough.

Without doing all the above, the natural process in your body will do all the work, but it is also good to put some effort into helping your body flush out the fat cells. If you want a quick weight loss process, incorporate the above practices into your daily routine.

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