Flawless Skin With Cryopen Treatment

Get a Flawless Skin with Cryopen Treatment Thame

If you have any skin imperfection, the best treatment to remove it effectively and quickly is Cryotherapy to get that flawless skin back. Cryopen is a revolutionary treatment that uses Cryotherapy, or extreme cold to safely and painlessly destroy benign, superficial and unwanted lesions on the skin surface. The treatment removes liver spots, hyperpigmented lesions, milia, seborrhoeic warts, red blisters, skin tags, and verrucas.

Why is Cryopen Popular?

  • It takes little time since sessions last less than two minutes.
  • It is among the least invasive lesion treatment methods in the world.

Does The Cryopen Really Work?

Yes, it works perfectly. The good thing is that Cryopen safely treats lesions on the face as well as areas around the eyes with insignificant side effects and discomfort to the patients to restore your flawless skin back. The treatment is also quite flexible because patients can treat small lesions of 1mm in diameter. This is possible since the treatment offers N20 (Nitrous Oxide) directly to the lesion, and not to the surrounding healthy tissues.

How does Cryopen Work?

As seen above, Cryopen treatment is a therapeutic process that comprises the application of nitrous oxide gas emitted under extreme pressure on the skin. The gas usually is freezing to help in the freezing and destruction of any benign lesions.

During the application procedure, the tip of Cryopen reaches temperatures of up to -89°C. The main reason for this is to establish a thermal shock at the area where the gas is directed by causing a massive drop in temperatures.

The decrease in temperatures comes with the effect of crystallising the fluid contents of the embattled cells. In the end, it turns the cells into ice shards, leading to the damage of skin lesions since the membrane surrounding the treated cells is destroyed and ruptured.

The penetration of the cold is roughly 1 mm per five seconds of treatment. Therefore, 2mm sized lesions would require ten seconds of N02 gas to treat.

What Happens During the Process:

During the treatment process, you will come across ice-field or frost on top of the lesion. The patient shouldn’t be worried about this occurrence as it disappears within a couple of seconds. A popular technology known as freeze-thaw-freeze is often used to freeze, defrost a frozen lesion, and finally freeze it again.

In this scenario, the frozen lesion rests for thirty seconds before the application of second treatment. In the second application, the tissue freezes much faster, leading to guaranteed lesion destruction.

After skin treatment, it is ideal to leave the treated parts uncovered as this fastens the healing process. Nevertheless, some doctors may apply a simple plaster or dressing if there is a possibility of the lesion being aggravated or rubbed in any way.

What are the Risks and Side Effects?

Cryopen has been proven to be safe. Nevertheless, expect to experience the following side effects:

  • Minor discomfort during the process – as with other lesion treatments, you will encounter some slight discomfort during Cryopen treatment.
  • Mild stinging after the procedure – you may experience medium to mild stinging that may last for a couple of minutes immediately after the procedure.
  • Blisters and sores – on some occasions, the skin where the lesion is applied may become red, sore, weepy, and blistered.

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